It is easy to feel that something bad will happen if we don’t maintain our habitual vigilance by thinking, judging, planning. Yet this is the very habit that keeps us trapped in resisting life. Only when we realize we can’t hold on to anything can we begin to relax our efforts to control our experience.”


 – Tara Brach

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Stigma is a real issue when it comes to mental health- depression is no exception. If you are feeling disconnected from your source, tapped out, unsure how to proceed forward, connect with me to discuss ways to unpack some of these feelings and make some strides forward.


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Anxiety can be exhausting and debilitating- manifesting differently in each person. It happens to be the most common mental health concern in Canada. I happen to specialize in it and utilize various evidence-based strategies to help reduce the symptoms and enhance self-agency.


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With over 15 years of experience in trauma-informed and trauma-focused therapy, my services are anchored in evidence-based as well as body-based modalities, learnings from neuroscience, and provision of tools to enhance one’s capacity to cope, feel, and regulate. Learn more by contacting me.


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