About My Services

Focus in Integrative Mind-Body Approaches to Counselling


I am passionate and committed to the work I do as a Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist. I foster a safe refuge where you can begin to unpack your lived experiences free from judgment.


While honouring your story, I offer support in exploring what is working and what is deterring you from where you would like to be. In doing so, pathways can be created to explore healthier ways to cope, live a more meaningful and authentic life, gain greater insight, and communicate your needs and boundaries with others. My approach to therapy is attachment-informed, trauma-focused and informed, anti-oppressive, strengths-based and draws from intersectional feminist theory. I integrate mindfulness, CBT, narrative therapy, neuroscience, and a number of mind/body approaches.


Approach to Therapy


My approach to therapy is client-centered- which means that the work is guided by your individual needs, concerns, and lived experiences, and draws to foster a deeper recognition and appreciation of your strengths and resiliency. Creating and working towards concrete and realistic goals, and seeking your input through regular check-ins and feedback is imbedded within each stage of this process.  I draw upon a variety of theoretical and model-based approaches, instead of adhering to a single one, that are chosen to address your identified needs and concerns. These are based on best practice guidelines, evidence-based research, emerging literature, and also include holistic healing approaches and models. Psychoeducation and stress reduction techniques are integrated in therapy sessions to foster a deeper understanding of issues faced and offer sustainable coping tools.


As a woman of colour and Psychotherapist, I am deeply aware of the impact and legacy that power and privilege, status, stigma, oppression and its intersectionality, colonialism, capitalism, and structural violence can have on formulating and maintaining identities, factors influencing health-seeking behaviours, and overall sustainability of health and well-being. My practice is anchored in anti-racism, anti-oppression, harm reduction, feminist theory, cultural competence and restorative justice frameworks.


Determining the length and frequency of our therapeutic work is based on many factors. This may be based on your concerns, hopes and goals for therapy, your current life circumstances, your ability to cope and regulate, as well as your availability. It is imperative to me to facilitate discussions around what would be supportive, work best to bolster your growth, and empower you outside of sessions. If your needs happen to fall outside the scope of my professional practice and expertise, I am happy to provide referrals to other qualified psychotherapists and/or community agencies.


Finding a therapist that you feel comfortable with and look forward to working with plays a vital role in making your psychotherapy experience effective. I encourage you to contact me and utilize the free 20-minute phone consultation to start discussing your needs, ask questions, and determine if we vibe.

All of Western medicine is built on getting rid of pain, which is not the same as healing. Healing is actually the capacity to hold pain.”

― Gabor Maté

Areas of Focus


I specialize in helping youth (ages 12 and above), adults, and couples work through challenges including:

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Trauma and Abuse

• Coping

• Substance Use

• Moving through Grief and Loss

• Self-Worth and Inner Critic

• Relationship Concerns

• Sexual Concerns and Sexual Pleasure

• Newcomer & Post-Settlement Experiences

• Disability and Chronic Pain

• Sexuality, Gender Identity, & Gender Expression

• Life Transitions

• Stress Management and Work/Life Balance

• Personal Development and Growth




Special interest and experience with


• Systemic racism, ableism (including invisible disabilities), identity-based oppressions, social justice, and restorative justice